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Map Making for people who want to make maps. 

Creating a basic map in Map Maker Pro is simple. If your needs are more complex and demanding do not let this simplicity put you off. Behind the simple, clean interface there is a wealth of powerful features....

Price: £225 + VAT

To download a 30 day evaluation copy of the full program click here

See comparison table between Map Maker Pro and Gratis

Good looking maps

For examples of good looking maps produced with Map Maker look at Latitude Cartography.

Map Creation & Editing

  • Create from new or import and edit.
  • Intuitive cutting and joining of polygons.
  • Single-click flood-fill vector polygon creation.
  • Raster and vector rubber sheeting.
  • Trim raster and vector to polygons.
  • "Spaghetti processing", converting lines tfont>
  • Polygons from overlapping polygons.
  • Powerful data tidying routines.
  • Calibrate raster images.
  • Raster to vector.
  • Many, many, more vector and raster manipulation actions.
If you want to make maps - and not simply view maps or show data on ready-made maps - here are five easy questions to ask your GIS supplier.
  • How can I divide a polygon into pieces?
  • How can I cut an island in a polygon?
  • How can I join two adjacent polygons with one or more common bounfont>
  • How can I convert two overlapping polygons into three (or more) polygons?
  • How can I convert lines (such as Ordnance Survey Land-Line® or USGS DLG data) into polygons?

Compare our products with your present GIS - THEN decide if price is an indicator of quality.

Using data with maps

  • Use data from Microsoft Access, Excel, or dBase files to colour up a map or determine symbols.
  • Generate legends automatically.
  • Data charts as well as data-controlled fills and symbols
  • Link data queries seamlessly to Microsoft Access forms oach Forms.
  • Measuring areas and lengths is simple.
  • Numerous spatial queries such as "contained in polyuot;within x distance of line" etc.
  • Inherit data from one layer to another.
  • Create and query buffer zones.
  • Edit attributes of found set.

Latitude & Longitude

  • Limitless user definable datums as well as all the USGdatums.
  • UTM, UK National Grid, Lambert’s Conical, and user-derse Mercator and Conic projections.
  • Support for correction matrices to compensate for local irregularities – e.g. 5cm accuracy for the UK.


  • Live data capture (NMEA and Garmin)
  • Download waypoints and tracks.
  • Live tracking of moving points.
  • Ortho-rectify aerial photography using GPS control points.


  • User-defined page templates for high-quality accuratints.
  • Variety of grids, graticules, and co-ordinate numberii>
  • Multi-sheet printing of large maps.


  • Import a wide range of vector data including ArcView SHP, MapInfo MIF, AutoCAD DXF, USGS DRG, Ordnance Survey NTF, Ordnance Survey L) etc.
  • Export maps as image overlays to Google Earth
  • Export SHP, MIF, DXF etc.
  • View BMP, TIF, Geo-Tiff, JPG, and ECW raster data.Export BMP, JPG, TIF, Geo-Tiff, and ECW images.
  • Export attribute data to Microsoft Access, Excel, dBase etc.

3D functions

Surface creation

  • Create 3D surfaces from spot heights or contours.

  • Create density surfaces from distributions of points.
Perspective views

  • Create perspective visualisations of projects such as forestry plantations to help assess the visual impact.  

  • Add 3-dimensional features such as woodland, lakes, dams, wind farms, and power lines.
  • Drape bitmaps, such as aerial photos or scanned paper maps, over the surface
  • Lighting effects such as distance haze and sun direction for a particular date, time, and location.
  • Create animated sequences

Edit surfaces

  • Push and pull a surface to change its shape
  • Merge adjacent surfaces
  • Trim, and resample surfaces
  • Combine data surfaces
  • Shift and/or multiply surfaces
  • Remove spikes and other irregularities


Crown copyright Ordnance Survey data

Create bitmap

  • Create a bitmap representation of a surface to represent altitude
  • Apply side lighting to highlight the form of the surface
  • Create a bitmap to show areas of greatest slope
  • Create a bitmap to pick out ridges and valleys
  • Drape a aerial photograph or a scanned map over a surface.


Crown copyright Ordnance Survey data


  • Calculate volumes.
  • Calculate true areas and distances on the slope.
  • Generate contours as vectors and bitmaps from digital surfaces in order to map data such as that used in precision agriculture.
  • Determine catchment areas
  • Examine lines of sight across a surface
  • Interrogate height values on a map


  • Import surface data from other formats such as ArcGrid, Surfer, Idrisi, SRTM, USGS, and Ordnance Survey.
  • Export surfaces to Surfer, ArcGrid, Idrisi, DBF, and as contours.

Latitude and Longitude

  • Convert a surface in Latitude and Longitude coordinates into projected coordinates, such as UTM.


Crown copyright Ordnance Survey data

System requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7, XP or Windows 7 recommended.


Right click and "Save to target" to download summary of Map Maker Pro features as a Word document (25Kb).


If you already a user of Map Maker Pro 2.x then download a summary of differences between versions 2.0 to 2.4 and version 3 (33Kb).