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Map Maker 3.5        

After clicking the "Download Map Maker with manuals" link, in the dialog box that appears select the Save to disk option. Choose a directory on your hard disk for temporary files, such as C:\Temp, to save the file to. The file is a self-extracting zipped file. After downloading the file, double click on it and follow the instructions that appear. By default the files are installed in the "c:\Map Maker" directory but you can specify any location.

Download Map Maker with manuals

Download Map Maker without manuals

If you are not a licensed user of Map Maker Pro 3.x then the program will run for an evaluation period of 30 days. If after that you do not purchase a licence then it will continue to run as Map Maker Gratis.

Download the manual (PDF file 4.3Mb)

Download the manual for the 3D functions (PDF file 3.8Mb)

Additional downloads

For the UK Postcode finder utility click here.

For Map Maker Pro 2.x users download the most recent update of Map Maker Pro 2.4 4 September 2002 5.2Mb

To call Map Maker from to 3rd party software use  MMmacro.exe 4 September 2002 42Kb

See Technical Paper No.8

To download  Sun Clock go to the Sun Clock page.